Stress Free Tokyo



Let us plan and guide you stress free way of travel in Japan

Say, how about starting from half day Ninja or Samurai training course ,one of our traditional culture , most well -known martial arts of Japan.
Then, we will assist your spiritual experience such as Zen meditation or attending Tea ceremony.
Or, you may suddenly find old shrine or temple in the gigantic city of Tokyo who survived from the last war and natural disasters.
Also guide you to entertain Sumo tournaments or support to visit Anime shops and museums , traditional to pop culture ,our wide range of cultural experiences.
Assist your one and only encounter with francophone or anglophone guide.
Many travelers once commented on as under mentioned when they visited Tokyo.
Lost in the gigantic city .Mesmerized by tens and thousands of shops and restaurants,hard to select!
We sincerely wish to make each encounter precious while guests travelling in Tokyo.
Under the above mentioned our credo, the MAGOKORO TABI Support assists you and your guests with our passion. Customers first is our Task No.1 . We JCT offer you one and only encounter in our country.

Find your own Tokyo !

We will plan and fix for your trailered tour.

Upon your request ,our francophone travel planner will build and offer you sightseeing seeing spots and things to do in Tokyo .

French or English speaking guide is available .

Our well-experienced guide will attend you or your party. Please do not hesitate to ask him or her anything what you want know on the spot ! She or he will make one‘s atmost effort to answer your inquiries Furthermore ,she or he will explain you cultural or historical background of Your inquiries.

As Japan holds her uniqueness in its daily life ,public manner and local regulations, then,let  us assist you and your party to be moving around more pleasantly with our guide.

As Japan holds her uniqueness in its daily life, public manner and local regulations, then, let us assist you and your party to be moving around more pleasantly with our guide. For examples When you take the JR or Metro lines, purchasing Suica rechargeable prepaid smart card is most recommendable for your more pleasant and stress free stay and trip in Japan.

3 services in one package with this price

Service Price

Half day ( 3 hours )25,000 JPY
Full day ( 6 hours )35,000 JPY
2 days ( 12 hours )60,000 JPY

Planning&Guide Only

No public transportation fees for guide are included, No public transportation fees for guide are included, 4 pax maximum as one party. Additional charge will be applicable over 5 pax.
Please contact us for the further information .

Upon your request,our planner in charge will assist you on the line
 when you are not with our guide. (7:00~23:00)

Trouble shooting on the phone service is available while you are facing any difficulties at shops ,restaurants or hotels.

However,your planner in charge will support you in each case, on time trouble shooting may not be possible in some cases.

Airport guide or assistance service only at  Narita or Haneda .

We will provide you our meeting and sending assistance or guide at airport or hotel.

Guide Only

Enjoy your true trip that free from below mentioned cases.

  • You want to ask someone locals where should you go when you suddenly find your free day.
  • You have no idea how to access public transportation systems in Japan
  • You may feel strong stress when you travel alone or with small children in the totally different country with a language barrier.
  • You might be hard to find sightseeing sites or facilities where you would like to visit .

Your very first Tokyo stay can be the very best experience with us !!

Please feel free to contact us !

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