Happiness Japan’s No. 1 Fukui Food and culture full-day tour

Fukui pref. is ranked first in the domestic level of well-being.
Let’s enjoy its culture ,history and local specialities in Fukui pref.
facing Japanese sea coast, located in northern Japan.
Fukui is ranked first in the domestic level of happiness,
surrounded by the rich nature and towns with serene atmosphere .
Offering you the very experience you can not enjoy in any other regions in every season.
One day course Detail as follows.

1. Get together at JR Fukui station

2. Tojinbo , the most well-known Cliff over Japan which is designated as a natural treasure also named the suicide cliff.
However, please enjoy some superb scenaries from the cliffs where you can find your best
shooting spot on this Tojinbo cliffs.

3. Oshima,the isle filled with spiritual energy.
One of the most famous place with an energy in Fukui pref. where revered by the locals as the isle of God. 
You may encounter some mysterious places where fresh water springs
out even in the mid- summer or a certain rock that makes compass goes wrong.

4. One of the top local speciality in winter.
The luxurious lunch with Echizen Gani or the Snow crab.
Let’s taste the world well-known Fukui ‘s winter delicacy. Pour
Please enjoy a fubulous snow crab lunch with no tight schedule.

5. Eiheiji temple. The home land of Soto sect of Zen.
Ranked second by the Michelin green guide Japan. Eiheiji Temple,
sourounded by its serene atmosphere of nature.
Eiheiji Temple attracts many people inside and outside even those who
are not interested in Buddhism. You can attend short Zen practice course as well.

6. Fukui prefectural Dinosaur Museum . One of the three major dinosaur museums in the world.
The very first public dinosaur museum over Japan.
32 dinosaur Skeltons stand in the hall of Dinosaur World,
a huge oval- shaped space without pillars.
This zone includes Biology of Dinaurs. Dino Theater with 200 inch screen
“Forests of during the dinosaur age” with moving dinosaurs , and “ Dinosaurs of Japan and Asia “.

7. End of the full day tour at the Fukui JR station.

The duration of tour ( 9 hours).
Tour price : ¥ 15,000 .- without tax.
Drink and souvenir are not included.
One day tour with guide.
Tour materialization from 1 pax. (Group acceptable).