Experiencing Calligraphy

<Experiencing Calligraphy>

One of the well-known Japanese traditional writing arts is Calligraphy.
However,Our Calligraphy writing style , is not writing the Calligraphy with an Indian ink but nearly painting with
the tender stroke of brush pen ,named Sai no Fude or gorgeous stroke of the brush pen is very unique and new.
While enjoying the difference between its Pen culture of European writing tradition and our unique way of writing method , Sai no Fude based on our traditional Calligraphy, please join our course and see you soon here in Tokyo.

<Course Detail as follows>
Price : per person ¥ 10,000 without tax . Your time of experience 90 minutes
Free offer items : your brush pen, your completed art works, our handmade picture frame with decoration.
①Get together at somewhere to be appointed
②Choosing your brush pen

③Your choice of words for your Calligraphy
④Practicing Calligraphy with your brush pen
⑤Making of your picture frame
⑥Shooting the picture
⑦Terminating your course
⑧ Tea party with only those who wishes (30 minutes) . Additional fee ¥ 500 p.p