New type of the expereince oriented tour: Ninja-SPIRITS

NINJA-SPIRITS(New type of the expereince oriented tour)

In order to perform your mission, dress yourself with Ninja costumes !
It’s a new type of RPG ,guising yourself with an authentic Ninja dressing . Somewhere in Kyoto neiboringpopular Fushimi Inari shrine.
One day experience of becoming a Ninja ,well-known key words next to Samurai or Bushi all over the world.
One of your extraordinary Ninja mission :Assisting the shop ower or its clerk in ten minutes and interacting with the town people at the shopping arcade in Kyoto !
After completing your mission , you will be ranked and hornered as Jonin, Tunin or Genin
(Officer ,Master sergent or Soldier Ninja ).
One and only authentic RPG typed Ninja experience.
Don’t miss this chance !

Course Detail
①Meet up with guide on the spot.
②Changing into Ninja costumes.About your Ninja costumes: authentic and cool.
Some of them are from the movie shooting depot.
Act like real Ninja and complete your mission at Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto.

③Your mission starts

For instance, assists shopping of local people or play with children in the neighbor.

④Photograph shooting with your award certificate while dressing in Ninja costumes.

⑤Terminating it’s course.

Tour fare:¥7,000 JPY per person. (tax excluded)