Half day visit to the most updated Akihabara.


Half day visit to the most updated Akihabara.
Welcome to the Otaku world, the center of Anime geek.

Met up with your guide at the hotel lobby.
Take JR Yamanote line then proceed to the electric town exit ,so called Denkigai guchi with guide.
Along the underpass of the station, you will easily find one of the most famous
Idol encounters & idol merchandise, AKB 48 CAFE & SHOP first.
Please enjoy your choice of menu at the cafe.

As a unique offering from Japan , particularly in Akihabara, 5 minutes walk from this AKB 48 Cafe with your guide ,visiting one of the major maid Cafes named @ home cafe with their 15th anniversary would be one of the most exciting experience in Japan.
Over 300 cute girls with maid outfits will welcome you !

Just next door from this maid cafe , our guide will lead you to the black colored
thin, tall building ,named Mandarake complex , the best known used shop building in the a world, the center of anime and manga recycle shopping.
This 7 stories building , filled with used DVDs ,figures , manga and anime series will offer you rare experience as an anime and manga collector in Tokyo.

About 7 minutes on foot , you will back to the underpass of Akihabara JR station, just next to the AKAB 48 CAFE , you can enjoy a glass of drink or special food at the Gundam cafe ,
the other theme cafe in Akihabara for this mécha-anime amateurs.
Don’t miss this Gundam toilet at the cafe as well !! one of the must to visit !

End of the tour with guide.

Tour materialization from 2 to 5 pax.

Half day guide fee is included.
Excluding transportation, lunch ,drink and entrance fee.
Excluding tax.

2 pax ¥ 15,000.- p.p.
3 pax ¥ 10,000.- p.p.
4 pax ¥ 7,500.- p.p.
5 pax ¥ 6,000.- p.p.