The city of Edo, the real history

9:00  Met by English speaking guide at the metro Minamisenju station at the South Gate.

9:15  Visit Enmeiji temple near the station on foot、known for the stone Bodhisattva, called “neck cut off bodhisattva.

9:45  Visit Ekoin temple on foot ,looking for the footsteps of samurai intellectuals
    and philosophers who lost their lives at the end of Edo Period.

10:30  Transfer to the Jyokanji temple on foot with guide
    Paying respect the memorial tower of courtesans who lost their lives during the
    great earthquake of Edo in 1855.Transfer to the Entuji temple on foot.
11:50  Transfer to the metro station ,Minowa on foot .

12:00 End of the tour.

Tour materialization from 2 to 6 pax.
2 pax ¥ 12,000 JPY(tax excluded)
3 pax ¥ 8,000 JPY(tax excluded)
4 pax ¥ 6,000 JPY(tax excluded)
5 pax ¥ 4,800 JPY(tax excluded)
6 pax ¥ 4,000 JPY(tax excluded)

English speaking guide admission fee.