Experiencing Ikebana

「Practicing the traditional flower arrangement or Ikebana in the multiple languages」

First of all, the Japanese traditionl art of arranging cut flowers is quite different from the occidental art of flower arrangement.

In order to understand what is the difference between Japanese and western one’s,
let’s enjoy its glaceful art of Japanese cut flowers by feeling the beauty of nature
,understanding the way of Japanese thinking and their esthetic philosophy.

When you apply subtraction in Ikebana, no excessive parts are allowed in your performance.
Ikebana requires your full concentration when arranging cut flowers while facing your own materials.
However the joy of its performance leads you to the refreshment and you can retrieve your mental serenity.

Each of the floral works express each of the hearts and minds of the performers.
Consequently, your floral art work would be quite different from other learners’ one even using the same materials.

Please communicate with other Japanese learners while contemplating those floral works of each other.
We bet that this kind of expereince would be worthwhile for your sojourn in Japan.


The lesson programme : (90 minutes )

1;Explaining the basic knowledge about Ikebana: what is the difference between Japanese culture and Occidental culture.

2:Experiencing Ikebana

Beginner’s course starts with the upright style while referring the basic Ikebana text book.
Let’s use your Kenzan , a metal disk with lots of needles sticking out , to get your flowers upright.

3:Friendly reunion(Share finished products while eating Japanese sweets)