Let’s have an authentic Samurai experience in Asakusa !

「we would like to offer all of you in the world the good chance becoming real Samurai !」

Here you would be full fledged Samurai with an authentic set of armor over 20 kg.
We would’t ask you taking light and thin set of battle armor like other shops and suppliers.
But , porpusely arranging heavy ones for your real Samurai armor experience.
For your rare, precious expereince and memorial photo taking :
Our photographers will take your pictures with an ancient armor from all angles over
20 photo machines while marching in Asakusa.




Course Detail as follows(duration : 150 minutes)

1.Meet up at the shop

2.Choosing your favorite set of armor

(from different colors and types)

3.Changing into Samurai attires.

4.Taking your set of armor

(you may have an uplifting feeling while someone helps you wearing your armor and the owner advise you historical ,cultural backgrounds of each piece of set of your armor)


(one of our assistants will take your photographs by your smart phone or by our 360 degree photograph machine)

6.Marching in Asakusa including photograph shooting near Kaminarimon Gate.

(marching route depends on the season)

Prices : ¥22,000 JPY per person.
Dressing experience only : ¥11,000 JPY per person.(tax excluded)