Let’s play shamisen,a three-stringed Japanese guitar. Enjoy the traditional music

Shamisen ! Long lived Japanese traditional banjo like three -stringed instrument .
In the field of the traditional art scenes, Shamisen has played the great role even today !
Especially in the field of the theatrical drama, take the Kabuki for example , this traditional instrument can not be missed at all.
Why not! Let’s play shamisen with us while dressing fabulous Kimono, one of our traditional attires !
With our English speaking guide and instructor you will be entirely stress free from learning Shamisen and fitting Kimono all at once.
Without any idea of Kimono dressing manner, don’t worry it ! we will assist you on the
very spot.
We guarantee your unforgettable 2 hours’ experience .
Don’t miss it !!
What’s more !
The Offering of free knock-down small size Shamisen !


Kimono fitting instruction


Etiquette and manner


Shamisen practice

11:15 Get together with Japanese sweets
12:00 Dissolution

Tour fare:¥11,000 JPY per person.(tax excluded)